Wolf Trap

Washington, D.C. Area - May 31, 2001


Wolf Trap's second show was just as incredible as the first one. I have the set list now:

Llevame el compas
Djobi Djoba
Un Amor
Una Campana Suena
New song (the intro sounds like a commercial for suntan lotion)
Tikki Tikki
New instrumental
New song (Por Amor?) - really good


Recuerdo Apasionado
Todos Ole
Salsa de Noche
Poquito a Poco
A Tu Vera

**Encore: New song (Por Amor?)

The crowd was very hesitant to get into it during the first set, but was on their feet for most of the second set. The vibe was wonderful!

I loved the show and am sad that it's over on this part of the world. I hope everyone who is going to future shows has as much fun as I did!

I especially loved the new songs TONINO played. He was in good form. They played many songs I had not heard before I guess from reading the New album is soon to appear.

They obvious make a great attempt to draw energy from the crowd to fuel their show many times you could see PAUL & ANDRE imploring the crowd to get up and get into the Gipsy Fiesta.