Wolf Trap

Washington, D.C. Area - May 30, 2001


Fantastic news, cousins: DIEGO IS BACK!!

Yes, the man who has been absent for half a decade is back with the group. The line up is Paul, Andre, Nicolas, Tonino, Diego, Patchai, Canut. Georges and Michael are next to Pacheco on percussion, and the rest of the group.

The show was fabulous, a total of 18 songs played: 9 on the first set and 8 on the second set + the encore. One thing I did notice was that the first set was only 40 minutes long (started at 8:15 and ended at 8:55) and the second set was 50 minutes long, including the big pause before the encore. They started off with Galaxia! That was followed by Suena Campana, Un Amor, Djobi Djoba, etc.

Canut's hair was down and looked like it was premed. Everyone looked great and for the most part they were up and chipper.

Diego is back,and it's fun and different to see him live, after the videos, but......PACO IS MISSING!!! According to reliable resources, he is fine and just stayed home.

Anyway, the concert was FABULOUS, FABULOUS, FABULOUS! The gipsies look gorgeous, sound gorgeous and have a great new song, about "Amor" of course.