The Joint at the Hard Rock Hotel

Las Vegas, Nevada - September 1, 2001


Just a brief review -- it's 2 am and am tired but I thought it was time that I posted something about this series of concerts.

The Joint at Hard Rock is always a favorite venue. Intimate and friendly, although a Saturday night on a holiday weekend is a nightmare. The Hard Rock was SO crowded, the casino blaring with loud rock, scantily clad silicone babes en masse, we all couldn't wait to leave after the concert.

The concert itself was superb. They only played one long set, but in it was Recuerdo Aspasionado -- we were so close we could see the blur of El Maestro's fingers -- and a really different version of A Tu Vera. Not quite as rocking, more vocal participation from the other Reyes bros. It was the best arrangement I've ever heard in concert. Frankly I don't really like the rocking version they play toward the end of the show. That's where they lose me, and I know that two of my other least favorites - Bamboleo and Volare are soon to follow. Also -- Paul sang a little solo, sorry, but I can't remember on what song. Included in the usual playlist were Tu Quires Volver and La Dona. And of course, my very favorite, a blazing wall of 7 guitars on Salsa de Noche. The bimbo from last year was up on stage again, Lambada-ing her way up and down Patchai's and Andre's backs.

What they didn't play was Sabroso from Tonino's solo album. Damn! I really like that one in concert!

The Hard Rock had some kind of "nightclub" thing happening after the concert (it was a Saturday night) for which they really packed "The Joint". I suspect that this is the reason the GKs only played one set, resulting in a shorter concert.

Just got back to Washington from Las Vegas a couple of hours ago...we had a great time!!! Had dinner at the Hard Rock Hotel before the concert...even Lydia's mother joined us - what a great lady!

The concert was as usual: WONDERFUL!!! PERFECT!! These guys are so good, they can play with their eyes closed!

Elena and I were in the first row which was dangerously close to the stage. I sat right in front of Canut...almost fainted :-) when he sang A Tu favorite!!!

The Joint was Jumping! The most enthusiatic crowd up on it's feet dancing at the Gipsy Kings concert in Las Vegas! It was phenomenal! Only our beloved Gipsy Kings can deliver such high-energy and excitement shows! Tonino was absolutely on fire! He is the BEST guitarist on this planet! I was just mesmerized how fast his fingers can play! Such talent! He is truly gifted!

It was great to see Lauren, Bob, Juliet, Arleene (Juliet's sister from Hawaii), Cathy, Bev, Carmen and Elena. All of us just danced through the Gipsy Kings concert! Baila! Baila! It was Fantastic! Bob got some wonderful pictures of the concert on his digital camera! Can't wait to see them on the website! They are Fabulous! Nothing like being up close and two rows from the stage.

The guys looked happy and having a good time! It was so Fantastic to see the Gipsy Kings in Las Vegas! And the Joint was packed!! People dancing and having nothing but a good time with our beloved group! They are the BEST band!!!!! I could see them every night.

When is the next concert???? I miss them already. Love my Gipsy Kings!!!!

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