San Jose Arena

San Jose, California - August 16, 2001


Lineup is: Paul, Andre, Patchai, Tonino, Paco, Diego & Canut. Titi and the back-up band with Pacheco... no Georges, no Michael.

The concert was very good, they looked very happy even Tonino was smiling.

If I wrote the songs correctly this is the Playlist:

  1. Intro/Allegria
  2. Pena Penita (Patchai lead)
  3. La Dona (Andre lead)
  4. Djobi, Djoba (Canut lead)
  5. Campana (Andre lead)
  6. Princesa (?) (Andre lead)
  7. Sabroso
  8. Montana (Canut lead)
  9. Todos Ole (Patchai lead)
  10. Instrumental - Unknown to me
  11. Poquito a poco (Patchai lead)
  12. A tu vera (Canut lead)
  13. Bamboleo (Andre lead)
  14. Volare

Sorry if I missed one or two, or changed names, I tried to keep my "tab" running, but was hard.

Went to the concert last night in San Jose. It was really great! I enjoyed it a lot more than last year's concert! I liked all of the new music too.

The Bay Area is a mixture of cultures and people, the audience at the San Jose arena, was a true sample of this diverse community. A multicolored array of people, some young, some old and all in between, they all got together with one purpose: To be touched by the "Duende " of the Gipsy Kings, and even though they came by the thousands, they were the few, the lucky ones, the one that could afford to fork $85 a ticket............but believe me, this time they got their money's worth, because they got to see what millions of people are not able to witness: The magic and passion of the Gipsy Kings Live in Concert, Up close and personal, Mano a Mano, the undisputed Kings of "La Rumba Catalana."

I got to the venue an hour early, at the ticket window, people were lining up to get their tickets, they were all excited, magic was already setting in the air, the aroma of perfume emanating from all the women parading toward the venue, I could have sworn that I saw beautiful multicolored Butterflies dancing in the air, or maybe it was my imagination playing tricks on me. Anyway, people were smiling, everybody was friendly and talkative, what a change from the previous venue! By talking to some of the people I found out that a lot of them have never seen the Gipsy Kings In concert, two young women had never know they existed until they met them on the plane and got guest passes. ( I saw them after the concert and they were mesmerized).

The Concert:

The stage went dark and then The Band came out first, Titi, PACHECO, the two dudes from the Adams family ,(the ones that look like funeral directors) and the drummer impersonator, Then Pascal did his thing...Good evening' San Jose......................and then to a roaring welcome The Gipsy Kings took center stage and immediately began playing Pena Penita, and this time with a "take no prisoners attitude" they promptly proceeded to set the place on fire (there were no survivors).

Andre's voice was full and powerful, Patchai's singing was effortless throughout the show, and Canut was....well Canut, was Canut at his best, all that plus this wall of guitars, 8 of them, under the command of Mr. Pablo "metronomes" Reyes, while Tonino did his enchanting magic's, this time playing a regular guitar, that sounded much better this time around.

El Maestro looked very happy in the company of his two brothers, Paco and "Diego," who also sang back up lyrics (he promised that he'll sing a solo next year, and so did Pablo).

The play list:

Laura's play list was pretty much accurate...I think she missed Salsa, DE noche, that's all, the whole show went flawlessly, the place was rocking, sparks were flying and the whole affair was wholesome.

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