South Texas Amphitheatre

San Antonio, Texas - August 24, 2001


Friday night I went to the SA show and, even though I am a Nicolas fan, I must say that they really put on a great show. They were all looking pretty fit and having a good time but they really had to keep telling the crowd to get up and dance. I don't understand the SA audience at all. I've noticed at 2 out of the 3 concerts in SA that I've gone to that they just don't get up and party.

Play List:

  1. Galaxia
  2. Pena Penita
  3. La Dona
  4. Djobi Djoba
  5. Compana Suena
  6. Sabroso (from Tonino's CD)
  7. Ciento Solo
  8. Tristessa
  9. Amor Amor
  10. Recuerdo Apasionado
  11. Montana
  12. Salsa De Noche
  13. Poco Poco
  14. A Tu Vera
  15. Bamboleo
  16. Volare (encore)

I took my two sons, ages 15, Tres, and 10, Daggar, and they are very big fans. I had taken them once before a couple of years ago. They really enjoyed it. We had worked our way up to some empty seats in the front row right in front of Pablo. My youngest said he could tell Pablo was enjoying the fact that this boy was singing along to all the songs. My sons also decided that since I told them it was Tonino's 40th birthday to make him a Bon Anniversaire sign. At one point we told the camera man (there are two large monitors that they were showing the band on to the crowd) that it was his birthday and we had a sign so we went right up in front of Tonino and they turned the cameras on us and we got Tonino's attention and he winked at us and gave us a big smile.

Diego seemed to be really enjoying himself being on tour again. It was a great night. Tres really enjoyed the awesome drum and bongo solos and during Recuerdo Apasionado. They all kind of circled around Tonino and it was like they were all trying to outdo each other on their guitars. It was awesome!!!

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