Arlene Schnitzer Hall

Portland, Oregon - August 12, 2001


The Schnitzer is a beautiful old building. But they gotta work on the sound/acoustics for someone like GK. Feeling the guitars gets you on your feet, but the melody details and the voices go to your heart. Really missed Nicolas, but the band was great and the crowd got into it with a little prompting. Just too short!

Fantastic evening!! Thank you Gipsy Kings! My wife and a couple friends of ours attended the show at the Shnitz. Terrific show but it looked as though Canut's voice may have been bothering him a bit. Although, I wouldn’t have known that if we hadn't been only 3 rows back on his side of the stage. Whatever was bothering him really didn’t seem to effect him vocally because he truly sounded wonderful, even more so live!! The crowd responded well but we only got one song in the encore. My guess is because Canut's voice was bothering him so much.

After the show we had a drink next door and to our surprise the band was there in the dining room and outside on the patio. What a gracious bunch. They gave autographs and the girls got a hug or two. Magical evening...I got to meet my heros!

I just had to write to tell you what an awesome time my wife and I had at the Portland concert August 12! We were in the second row, right in front of Pablo and Andre -- the sound was distorted but the view was great. Just one question: I'm probably the last person in the fan club to know, but where was/is Nicolas?

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