Celebrity Theatre

Phoenix, Arizona - August 22, 2001


This was my 19th GK concert and it was one of the best ever! Yes, despite the absence of Nicolas it was just great! If the GKs are anything, they are flexible and adaptable. Look at all the personnel changes that have occurred over the years, yet they have remained the GKs we know and love throughout. They have not only succeeded in working around the lack of their lead singer, they ROCKED THE HOUSE!

In adapting, they have brought back some older songs they haven't played in concert in a while, like Pena Penita and La Dona. They also played a few more instrumentals which is just fine by me (a great Tonino fan).

The Celebrity Theatre is the perfect venue for them. There is literally not a bad seat in the house. I heard that the worst seat is just 75 feet from the stage, but I suspect that is from the center of the circular stage. It seemed like the back wall wasn't much more than 50 feet behind us in the front row. The stage slowly rotates, so we had each member of the band in front of us in turn. ABSOLUTELY FABULOUS!!

One very odd thing happened. Before the show started, I noticed Paul and Paco sitting in the house. No one else seemed to notice. Lauren went over and talked to them and they explained that the stage was too small for all of them, so they were going to watch the concert from there. That's just what they did.

The crowd was VERY enthusiastic. It was close to, if not a capacity (2,665) crowd, but they made as much noise as a much larger crowd. Almost all were on their feet dancing through most of the numbers. Afterwards, the band said that they really liked that crowd.

Just got home from the Phx show -- it was a WOW! I can only add a little to what Bob has already said ------- With just five main players -- Andre, Patchai, Tonino, Diego and Canut -- is was an extraordinary experience. Our front row seats were just a few feet from the stage making for a very intimate show, despite the girl sitting next to me yelling "great ass" at Pacheco. Titi played with the backup band, as he has been on this tour.

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