The Greek Theatre

Los Angeles, California - August 18, 2001


My sister and I arrived about 8 o'clock thinking we were going to be missing the intro, there were people everywhere and still coming into the venue by the dozen. The GK started about twenty minutes late. Pascal did his intro: "Good evening Los Angeles, are you ready for the Gipsy Rumba" the crowd went wild when the GK came out. Looking great and in top form they were ready to give us a fabulous concert. As the music starts to play you can feel the energy with the crowd getting up to dance and singing along with the GK. There was no one seated, everybody was enjoying the music and having a good time.

In the first half of the concert Pablo pulled up a red-head who tried to dance at least what she thought was flamenco. She thought she was cute just to be up there. Second half Patchai pulls up two blondes, one is dancing right next to Andre (she really enjoyed that moment) the other one is dancing all over the stage trying to impress the crowd with herself (she already had more than her fifteen minutes of fame and she really needed to get off the stage). Canut looked at her, you should have seen the impression he had on his face it was like: "Either you get off now or I will pull you off myself."

Even though Nicolas was not there physically (spiritually he was) you can see how well they all pulled together and did a wonderful job to give us a good performance.

We were able to meet Canut, Patchai, Diego, and Andre briefly. As we were exiting the venue Canut was walking around and I approached him to ask him how Nicolas was doing, and he mentioned that he was resting his voice. Canut seems so serious and very quiet, that I was kind of skeptical to approach him, but he was very pleasant. On the other hand Patchai is so out going (he made my sister's entire life with hugs and kisses) it was a special treat to see them up close and personal.

Can't wait till next year. Hopefully new songs, Nicolas back on tour and a extra hour of GK music.

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