The Woodlands

Houston, Texas - August 26, 2001


Just got in from the Houston GK show...We were prepared for Nicolas' absence, however all the guys really filled in well for him...

If they are coming to a city near your, be sure to get there -- any way you can!

There was a new bass player & Michael was not on stage, but it seems there are occasional changes, right?

But here's the deal... The guys were more energetic and more creative...and, we got to hear some music from Tonino's new CD...

The crowd was lighter than in the past, but Patchai and Paul encouraged the audience to get up and clap, and they did!

All in all, we enjoyed the performance a lot more than last year... The best news is that it appears the Gipsy legend will go on, especially if they can perform without Nicolas -- the back up band play very well -- there were several solos from the percussion section...

Be there! Get there!

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