Don Haskins Center

El Paso, Texas - August 29, 2001


The GK show in El Paso was enjoyable as always. It took place in a large arena where the UTEP (University of Texas at El Paso) Miners play basketball. It was quite a contrast from the last show at the much smaller, circular Celebrity Theatre in Phoenix (with the rotating stage). We were in the front row again, so it's hard to judge how the sound was in general, but from where I sat (when not standing and dancing around) the bass was cranked a bit beyond what was necessary.

Still, it was a great show. They did "Tu Quiero Volver" (sp?) which I don't remember EVER seeing them play live, although the guy sitting next to me said they played it in Berkeley (Greek Theatre) two years ago. Lauren and I were there for that show, but I can't recall them playing that song.

Just as last year, it took the crowd a little while to get started but, once they did, they were VERY enthusiastic. It was a large crowd and, at one point near the end, I looked back and every single person was on his/her feet dancing and waving their arms, etc.

It was great to see many of our GKML cousins there, including Eddy "BOMP" Johnson, Juliet (all the way from Seoul, South Korea), Bev (all the way from Hawaii) and Cathy (all the way from Florida). We made a few new friends as well. There's nothing like the GKs for bringing people together.

All in all, it was a great treat once again to see them.

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