Smirnoff Music Center

Dallas, Texas - August 28, 2001


Went to the Dallas concert last night, 8th row center section..... Being a guitar player I was in heaven... Spent the night getting booted out of the aisles by the dance patrol.. boo hiss.. Concert was great though sounds system was a bit over driven..Clipping and distoring the guitars a bit.. Sound man must have been deaf..

Though for a rare exposure to this type of music it was great..

For once, the weather cooperated and we had a very pleasant night for the concert, and not blistering hot! Still, an outside venue has it's hazards, and last night, the group was continually being harrassed by Kamakaze Gypsy Moths (well, your guess is as good as mine!) It made for interesting renditions of some of the songs, with the guys bobbing and weaving to avoid the dive bombers and doing impromptu flamenco steps to kill the bugs on the stage. They were laughing the whole time, although Canut looked annoyed... maybe he was remembering an earlier incident! ;-)

Nicolas was missed, but they did a good job without him. I just don't think Andre and Patchai can carry some of the songs as well as Nico. Canut sang Montana beautifully, despite the bug carnage going on behind him.

I just returned home from the Dallas concert (my fourth; all in Dallas) where I sat with Karen Davis and met Juliet Batalon.

Karen and I sat five rows back in the center section in front of Paco and Diego. Juliet was nearby and joined us at intermission. It was a lot of fun being up front where the folks around us were standing a lot and getting into the concert. The GK were going nuts all night stepping on crickets and dodging moths. I could understand Canut much better than I could understand Patchai or Andre. But...I missed Nicolas, A LOT!!! Why use binoculars if Nico isn't there?

The playlist that Karen and I came up with follows:

  1. Intro/Galaxia
  2. Pena Penita (Patchai lead)
  3. Tu Quires Volver (Andre lead)
  4. La Dona (Andre lead)
  5. Djobi, Djoba (Canut lead)
  6. Campana (Andre lead)
  7. Instrumental - Sabroso (?)
  8. New one (?) "ooh ooh e la ooh lai" (?) (Patchai lead)
  9. Triste
  10. Poro Pompero (Canut lead)
  11. Instrumental - old one but we couldn't name it
  12. La Montana (Canut lead)
  13. Todos Ole
  14. Instrumental - Salsa de Noche
  15. (?) Poquito a Poco (Patchai lead)
  16. A tu vera (Canut lead)
  17. Bamboleo
  18. Volare (Encore)

Looking forward to next year's Dallas concert already.

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