The Backyard

Austin, Texas - August 25, 2001


I went with a group of 10 friends and we got there early so we could be up in front again. The GK know that Austin really loves them and the crowd is always very enthusiastic.

Play List:

  1. Galaxia
  2. Pena Penita
  3. Tu Quiere Volver (Nice surprise when I saw it on their play list taped to the floor)
  4. La Dona
  5. Djobi Djoba
  6. Compana Suena
  7. Sabroso
  8. Ciente Solo
  9. Tristessa
  10. Amor Amor
  11. Fandango
  12. Gitano
  13. Montana
  14. Todos Todos Ole
  15. Salsa de Noche
  16. Poco Poco
  17. A Tu Vera
  18. Bamboleo
  19. Volare (encore)

They did a couple of different percussion solos, Pacheco always rocks and is always smiling and having such fun. And they did the great guitar thing again where they were trying to out do each other but I don't remember which song. During the last few songs, the paya bimbos hit the stage and at one point, there were probably about 25 girls on stage. It was really too much and very distracting because you couldn't even see the guys and some of those women didn't look too good up there, if you know what I mean. Someone mentioned, I think John in Houston, that there was a new bass player but it is the same one as last year, Gildas Bocle, his brother Jean Baptiste, is the keyboard player. I thought the back up band sounds really great with them and have really gelled and fit in. And Gildas is so very nice. Got to talk to him Friday and Saturday night, he is so sweet and friendly and speaks good English, so it was easy to talk to him. He said he and his brother have known Pascal for many years and when the original back-up band had a falling-out (his words) with the GK or maybe management, not sure, Pascal hired them.

All in all, it was a great treat once again to see them.

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