Aspen, Colorado - September 2, 2001


Wow, what can I say, The GK looked fabulous and sounded great except for the bass being overdone as usual. The Aspen crowd was in a party mood as they had great music going all day. When the guys took the stage they didn't disappoint, in fact a guy standing behind us as we were leaving was heard to say "You know, I've heard of the GK before, but of all the bands I heard today ......THEY ROCK!!!!" But, then again we all know this.

Okay, my son and I met up with Carolyn and headed to the Aspen Jazz Festival, outdoor venue with about 10,000 people. We got there about 4:30 and a Reggae band was getting the crowd in the mood. My son and I managed to get backstage before the GK came on stage. The first one we ran into was Paco, he saw I had his brothers CD and went to get Tonino, Diego was the next out. Titi was playing basketball (looked more like he was trying to throw a shot put). Then Pablo and Canut (looking TRES CHIC in a mid-length coat and bolo). Tonino finally arrived and I got his autograph perfect time for a photo opp. Tonino was wondering where I got his CD, when I told him France he smiled. Pablo and the Baliardos were very relaxed and talkative, the others I figured were getting into the "going on stage" mindset. Patchai came out and stopped for a photo then Andre (who was looking very fine).

My son and I went back out to get ready for "THE GIPSY FIESTA," as soon as the guys took the stage, the crowd was up dancing.

Playlist as I recall:

  1. Galaxia
  2. Pena Penita
  3. La Dona
  4. Djobi Djoba
  5. Sabroso
  6. Campana
  7. Todos Ole
  8. Salsa de Noche (all 7 backing guitars gathered around Tonino....AWESOME)
  9. Montana
  10. Recuerdo Apasionado
  11. Princesa
  12. A Tu vera
  13. Bamboleo
  14. encore: Volare

The guys played for about an hour and a half. Tonino was ON FIRE and the crowd LOVED IT (my son stood there with his mouth agape, as Tonino's nimble fingers rapidly tore up the chords). Pacheco his usual heartbeat also sang backing vocals.

Not to dis the new backup band ....they are good but there was something lacking.

I also noticed that the guys mics could have been turned up a little more or the bass down a lot more. All in all a truly fantastic show, the guys looked in great spirits (probably because the were thinking about going home).

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