(See notes at end of song)

Intro (play twice):

E B A (A7)


E B (B7) (Fill 1) A (A7)
Además de mi persona

B (B7)
Y tú no tienes que amar.

E B (B7) (Fill 1) A (A7)
Que bendites tu hermosura

B (B7) E
Aunque se apaga el amor.

B (B7) A (A7) E
El dinero, el dinero, el dinero.


(Fill 2)

E B (B7) A (A7)
Lai lo lai lo lai lo lai lo

Lai lo lai lo lai lo lai lo

B (B7) A (A7) E
Ay lo la ah ah

E B (B7) (Fill 1) A (A7)
Yo tendré que erosinarme

B (B7) E
Él se quite tu hermosura.

E B (B7) (Fill 1) A (A7)
Ay yo sé vivo llorando.

B (B7) E
No me pidas que te quiera.

B (B7) A (A7) E
Tu hermosura, tu hermosura, tu hermosura.


CHORDS: In the notation above, the B chord is played simultaneously with a B7 chord. Although there are only 3 chords in this song, they are voiced differently, all with different capo positions: Guitar 1: Capo on 4th fret E: 776454 A: 577655 B: 764447 Guitar 2: Capo on 2nd fret E: x22454 A: 542225 B7: x24242 Guitar 3: No capo E: 022322 A: x02220 B7: 023202 Guitar 4: Capo on 4th fret E: x76454 A (A7): 575655 B: 799877 Fill 1: A (A7) ----------------------x----5 ----------------------x----5 ----------------------x----6 ----------------------x----7 ----------------------x----7 8----7----6----5----x----5 Fill 2: ------------------ ------------------ ------------------ ------------------ ------------------ 15 (s \)-------- (Music transcribed by Kelly Wing, MN, USA. Lyric assistance from Rennie Selveggio.)