The Latin American Tour

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The Latin American Tour

Postby IsaBin » Fri Apr 06, 2012 9:35 pm

Dear Forum,

I have been folllowing the news about the latinamerican tour, so sad I couldn´t make it to any of the countries they were playing in, but still very happy that they, finally, decided to come here! I never understood why they never came to Latinamerica before (with the exception of Brasil, they where there in the nineties), since the spanish speaking America knows them and their songs very well and they had lots of devoted fans here from the begining. One of the things I liked most of this tour is that I could hear them speaking in spanish for the media. Canut said in one interview that they always wanted to come but the manager never considered it....

Anyway, I was watching the videos in youtube, and they were wonderful as always. Also the people in each city looked very happy, with lots of energy, they knew most of the songs and were singing very loud! For the people in Chile was not so good because Nicolas was ill and had not much voice. He looked very upset because of that :-( But in the next concert in Argentina he sound wonderful again :-)

So, I wanted to share two special links: the first one, for the spanish speaking, is a 15 minutes interview that a columbian radio made to nicolas, about a month ago, with regard to their next visit to Colombia. It is very nice, he talks about his father playing for Salvador Dali, Picasso, etc. About Pacheco the percussionist (he is Columbian), about their families leaving Spain to France, and some other things: ... ras-140940

And the other one is a small part of a video someone posted of the concert in Argentina, Nicolas and Andre sing "Caminando por la calle" a capella, no guitar! Sadly not the whole song was posted. ... ure=relmfu

Hope you like it. I am so happy they were concerting here, hmmmm, tonight I will be listening to my cds :-)
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Re: The Latin American Tour

Postby musicfan » Sat Apr 07, 2012 11:15 am

Thank you so much for these wonderful links.

It was really amazing to hear just the voices - no guitar. I've never seen that in a concert.....wonder if they will do it again for the upcoming tours.

I loved listening to the interview. I could not understand all of it, but it was interesting to hear that famous voice speaking.
Thank you also for the updates on the latin american tour.
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