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Re: US tour leg III Friday

PostPosted: Sat Sep 13, 2014 1:54 pm
by Sirena

Yes, I read the Gipsy Nouveau thread, but, will go through it again.

I was really, only wondering if you had any further details....perhaps from people close to them. I'm Facebook friends with Patchai, but, I don't speak French so have to rely on the sometimes weird and hilarious Bing translator. Same with Canut's blog, though the translation made a little more sense. Perhaps it was done by a real person? Nevertheless, I did glean a lot about the man from there.

It's a real shame he stopped blogging. I was late to it and it had ceased by the time I found it. However, reading through, I did see a block of nasty stuff posted by trolls. Some attacking his girlfriend, Catherine saying she's the writer of the blog and is speaking for him and meddling; and some alluding to his (alledged) sexual escapades whilst on tour.

Whether or not the latter was true, It didn't belong there unless he chose to speak of it; and attacking his girlfriend wasn't going to endear those so called fans to him. After that, it's hardly surprising he stopped. I gather a lot of it was removed, but, the damage was done. Such a shame. I was enjoying his wonderful, sometimes off the wall, arty take on life. One story I enjoyed was how he destroyed an expensive gold and diamond watch...only to replace it with a low value Euro coin. His way of saying such high cost posessions doesn't define him and he's perfectly happy with the simple things in life as they have just as much if not more value. Just pass him a guitar. :)

* OOPS!....I feel an 'off topic' rebuke from Bob or others coming up. So, I'll look under the Gipsy Nouveau thread for anything you may wish to say about the miss bros; or, failing that a new thread specifically for that topic.

Having said all that,'s very quiet here, so, I doubt that an off topic moment would create much confusion.

Re: US tour leg III Friday

PostPosted: Sat Sep 13, 2014 8:37 pm
by Jusquin
Hello, Sirena,

There is nothing additional that I can say right now.

I'm friends on Facebook with both Canut and Patchaï, but Canut has not posted anything in a long time, and what Patchaï has posted has to do mostly with Gipsy Nouveau or his baby grandson.

I very much enjoyed Canut's blog, too, and am very sad that, for whatever reason, he has not continued with it. As for translations, online tools like Google Translate or Babel cannot distinguish word meanings, pick up idioms or colloquialisms, or differentiate between verb infinitives and verb imperatives. That's one reason why the results are so strange. I would never allow my language students to use them and could always tell when they tried to sneak one by me. Unless you know something about the language, you don't know whether or not the translation is "off."

Anyway, if something new comes up and I am free -- and comfortable enough -- to share it, I will.


Re: US tour leg III Friday

PostPosted: Sat Sep 13, 2014 9:53 pm
by Sirena
Thank you, Jusquin.

I will keep dropping by to check for news and any insights/opinions you share, and will ask for the occasional clarification of web translators.

Thanks again.