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Canut's CD now available in digital form!

PostPosted: Mon Dec 24, 2012 3:25 pm
by Amanda
Hello everyone,

Canut's long-awaited solo album GITANO is finally available in digital form from! It is more than worth the wait. You can read my five-star review on

Canut has written on his blog a post called "Sortie physique du CD GITANO" which must mean that the album is now available as an actual CD, from a record company owned by two of his friends in Arles, The prices are shown only in Euros on their website.

They also have CDs of vintage albums: Three of José Reyes y Los Reyes: Flamenco Passion; L'Amour d'un Jour; and Gitan Poete, plus Canut's first solo album, Bolero.

Amanda :geek:

Re: Canut's CD now available in digital form!

PostPosted: Fri Dec 28, 2012 3:56 pm
by musicfan
The site is FANTASTIC! I looked through it and was amazed to see how many wonderful CD's they have.
( I was also pleased to see a number of CD's which I already own, but were very difficult to come by. Such treasures should be readily available - like the CD's with Jose Reyes.)
I feel like the kid who has been locked out of the candy store. I do not read French and have been unable to purchase. I have searched for a translation tool (you can translate most web sites now) but have been unsuccessful. I may try contacting directly, but if anyone has ordered via this web site, some pointers would be appreciated.


Re: Canut's CD now available in digital form!

PostPosted: Thu Jan 03, 2013 7:03 pm
by Amanda
Hi musicfan,

I was able to get a pretty good translation of the site using the translation tool in my browser, Google Chrome. With apologies for the long post, here is first their "general conditions of sale" information, which includes towards the end their address, then the "Who are we?" section. Re purchasing, it looks like the shipping cost for overseas for the first item is 9.20 euros, plus 1.80 euros for each additional item. The prices include tax. By writing to them directly you should be able to order to your heart's content!

The placing of an order to "Shop Passion" - Music Ltd. - implies acceptance of these terms and conditions and waiver by the customer of any provision contrary to its own commercial documents.
All merchandise ordered from the Shop Passion is sold farm [firm?? may be mistake in translation tool – A.] (except in cases of technical failure controlled) and travel at the risk of the purchaser.
It is the customer's responsibility to notify on the delivery clauses subject to unpacking . Without this clause, goods damaged in transit will not be taken by the supplier.
Our prices include tax, they are considered as binding when the order is confirmed by the customer. They shall be raised SHIPPING according to the scale:
• For the first item ordered:
o For France: 4,80 Euros.
o For the countries of the EEC: 6.40 Euros.
o For overseas territories and all other countries: 9.20 Euros.
• For each additional item:
o 1.80 Euros.
This grid is adjustable depending on the price of postal services.
The goods are shipped by post (Colissimo France, recommended for overseas). It is the customer to make the necessary reservations and pursue all remedies against any Post for delay, damage or missing items.
Any claim relating to the goods must, to be declared admissible by the Music SARL be submitted by letter within a maximum period of 15 days from the date of delivery, the said period of 15 days including the establishment of the "short time" stipulated by the Article 1648 of the Civil Code.
No returns will be accepted if it has not been a prior agreement with the company.The items will then be returned carriage paid (to the customer).
It is recalled that no case "Passion Shop" can not be held responsible for defects or malfunctions reading devices of its customers who are deemed to know the specifics and technical limits and ensure regular maintenance.
Retention of title : the seller retains title to the goods until full payment of the invoice by the purchaser in accordance with the law n ° 80-335 of 12 May 1980.
Privacy : The Passion Shop liability to its customers so that the personal information they are required to submit remain in the strictest confidence.
Specifically, Passion Shop provides take all necessary steps to protect such information. Similarly, the Shop will not disclose to anyone the postal and Internet clients, not the content or the value of their purchases.
It is expressly grant jurisdiction to the Tribunal de Commerce d'Arles for all disputes that may arise between the seller and the buyer.

• You prepare your order using our catalog: Items you would like to register As in your shopping cart.
• You can always change your order (add or remove items) to final validation.
• Confirmation of your order, you then enter your contact details, shipping address, if different, and your credit card No. (secure encrypted).
• You can enjoy your order to subscribe to our latest information.
• We will ship your order the same day (sending colissimo) to the extent of available stocks with a confirmation in your mail box. (If out of stock, delivery time 15 to 20 days, including articles from Spain).
• In case of partial delivery, only items shipped are actually charged and debited from your credit card. The additional order shipped later then undergoes a second billing and a second banking operation. In this case, the postage charged to the customer remain exactly the same as if the entire order was shipped at once.
ATTENTION! For security reasons, we never travel package during our weekend: orders placed Friday and Saturday will be shipped on Monday afternoon.

BY TELEPHONE: +33 (0) 490.96.59.93
BY FAX: 33 (0) 490.96.59.95
MUSIC SARL - 14 rue Réattu - 13200 Arles - FRANCE

• You prepare your order using our catalog.
• You send it to us by phone, mail or fax to your liking.
• Depending on availability, we will inform you immediately of what we can ship.
• You pay your order by providing us your credit card number or by sending a check by mail. (Including postage)
• We will ship your order, depending on the time of your call the same day or the next day by Royal Mail Postal (or recommended for foreigners) in the same conditions as via the website.


Artisan + independent record store
Too all music lovers to stay confined paths imposed by the media and prefabricated standardized products, we have chosen since 1989, giving full relief to the rich musical expression of emotions and encounters.

Sensitive south, close to local cultural and social realities, it is around the Mediterranean and across cultural intermingling which for centuries we have built the identity and life of our store: crossroads where, with passion, respect and tolerance, music and people.

Between enthusiasts!
Established since 1989, music-Arles is one of the last craftsmen record stores and independent GPs. Located in Arles, in the city center around its business store, the store has developed a specialized area: the "Shop Passion", a unique space devoted to regional and Mediterranean Cultures:

all bullfights ( Spanish , Portuguese , Camargue , Landes or street ...)
Spain ( Flamenco , Sevillanas , paso-dobles ...)
the Provence and Occitan,
the Mediterranean
with video, DVD, CD , bookstore specializing, decorative objects, art, cards ...
Bringing such a fund is the result of constant hard work to gather all of these documents for sale - many tiny productions - and make them known to the public. Apart from this fabulous selection, the warm and friendly welcome and the quality of advice that are shop meets a growing national and international reputation.
Tool Reference and Information fundamental catalogs home, supplemented by additives regularly sent according to the news, have created a strong and highly appreciated between the shop and aficionados (bullfighting and flamenco).
Since 1999 the entire catalog can be consulted on the Internet with the same concern for accuracy, offering a thematic research sharp, while maintaining ease of use and ease of access.
More than a store, The Shop Passion regularly hosts exhibitions, comic strip artists, journalists of the written press or television, musicians ...
With Culture Association Warning!, music-Arles created Convivencia , which takes place in July each year. "Appointment of usability and collusion, where we share both artistic pleasure, intellectual and culinary delicacies foods summarizing how Occitan live together."

The Shop Passion proves to be a genuine culture, meeting and curiosity and respect, both Ali Baba's cave and Spanish inn, the appointment of aficionados savvy, neophytes curious, crazy toros , fadas of flamenco, the lunatics of Seville, the devourers of paper, Occitanists convinced fans of discovery, and the other (!).
Catherine and John are pleased to welcome you and make you discover and share a thousand riches. Welcome!"

Good luck!

Amanda :geek:

Re: Canut's CD now available in digital form!

PostPosted: Fri Jan 04, 2013 10:16 am
by musicfan
Thank you so very much for taking the time to post this.

I really appreciate it, and will have to make my selections and place an order. There are a number of CD's I have been looking for for quite some time, available.

(As a side note I will also have to install google chrome.)

Thanks again!

Re: Canut's CD now available in digital form!

PostPosted: Fri Jan 04, 2013 5:23 pm
by Amanda
Hi musicfan,

You're welcome! I may order some of those classic CDs myself one day; I only have Gitan Poete.

Yes, in addition to having the translation tool, Chrome works better than IE; it doesn't freeze up and say it "has encountered a problem and needs to close." You can also download all kinds of apps, even on a PC.

Amanda :geek:

Re: Canut's CD now available in digital form!

PostPosted: Fri Jan 11, 2013 2:45 pm
by musicfan
Just discovered that installing google toolbar with IE will also allow you to translate a web page. When you open a page in another language it will prompt if you want to translate the page. I think non English translation is also an option.

Re: Canut's CD now available in digital form!

PostPosted: Tue Jan 15, 2013 9:59 pm
by Amanda
Thanks for the tip!

Amanda :geek:

Re: Canut's CD now available in digital form!

PostPosted: Thu Apr 04, 2013 5:30 pm
by Jusquin
Just one small caution with online translators -- they are not always correct, nor do they always give you the best translation. As a former world language teacher, I could always tell when my students had used them. (One example: Google Translate had "Baila Mi Mora" as "Dance, My Blackberry," when "mora" in Spanish often refers to a brunette woman -- who, I think, would be a better dancer than a blackberry!) If anyone is really confused, you can ask my opinion and I will try to help.

Re: Canut's CD now available in digital form!

PostPosted: Sat Apr 06, 2013 9:39 pm
by Amanda
Hi Jusquin,

Thanks for the warning about online translators. I've heard this before and experienced some strange-looking results with them, especially trying to translate from languages like Polish and Russian. It looks like the info from is basically correct, though the English isn't totally idiomatic.

Amanda :geek:

Re: Canut's CD now available in digital form!

PostPosted: Sat Apr 06, 2013 10:04 pm
by Jusquin
Hi, Amanda!

When I read Canut's blog, I could pretty well translate the French in my mind (and often much of the Spanish), but I was sometimes amused to see how it was translated on his blog. The gist of what he said was always there for the most part, however.