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The Questions:

  1. Which band member has never had a solo vocal?
    Nino Baliardo
    Diego Baliardo
    Andre Reyes
    Patchai Reyes
    Canut Reyes

  2. Who plays the bass guitar on Furia?
    Nicolas Reyes
    Gerard Prevost
    Dominique Droin
    Nasredine Dalil
    André Reyes

  3. What CD did this picture come from?
    Luna de Fuego
    Tierra Gitana
    Este Mundo
    Love & Liberté

  4. The Gipsy Kings live near what city?
    Arles Paris Barcelona Miami Madrid

  5. The line,
       contra ti, ser feliz y nada mas
    is from which song?
    Pedir a tu Corazon
    Djobi Djoba
    No Viviré
    Igual se Entonces

  6. The following band member(s) play rhythm guitar
    1. Tonino Baliardo
    2. Paco Baliardo
    3. Diego Baliardo
    1 only
    2 only
    2 and 3 only
    1, 2, and 3
    none of these

  7. Identify Paco Baliardo.

  8. The album Tierra Gitana is analagous to which European release?
    Luna de Feugo
    Cantos de Amor
    Te Amo
    Love Songs

  9. Which band member appeared on all the groups' major releases from the band's inception to 1996?
    André Reyes
    Paco Baliardo
    Canut Reyes
    Chico Bouchikhi
    Diego Baliardo

  10. Which song has never been officially released as a live cut? (audio or video)
    El Mauro
    Amor, Amor
    Caminando por la Calle
    Pedir a tu Corazon

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